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Meditation Changed My Life

I would like to share my meditation story with you about how it changed my life.

When I was at the most desperate part of my life a friend told me about this meditation. She told me that by doing this method you can pull out the root cause of the problem. My friend spoke with true conviction. Before even going to the meditation center I had decided I would start.

At this time, I had already tried so many different things to help cure my mind. I had been taking medications and sleeping pills every night for 8 years. I went through 4 psychologists, psychiatrists, two men’s groups, intensive exercise, yoga, mindfulness, listening to meditation CDs, breathing exercises, reading the Bible, and Buddhist sutras. But everything only gave temporary relief.

Meditation Benefits

After one week of meditation, I rested in peace. It was like arriving at a safe haven. Very strangely my job suddenly ended as I was told I was no longer needed at my workplace. I started going every day to the center and after 6 months of meditation, I went to the main center in South Korea.

At the main center, I listened to these amazing lectures about the Universe and Truth. It was like nothing I had heard before. The people and the meditation method. There was a great energy of togetherness and a clear goal of going to the true world.

The Universe was pulling me out of hell

Once I started looking back on the life I lived I could see the reason I suffered so much was because of my self-centeredness. I had been living my whole life inside myself always thinking I was right. As a result, I had so many conflicts with people and couldn’t accept others. The stress and anxiety was created by my mind.

Over time I came off my sleeping pills and reduced my meds. This made a massive difference to my well-being. My manic episodes and depression naturally disappeared to the point I no longer needed to go to the hospital. My relationship with my dad greatly improved as I realized I had been making and holding all these judgments about him.

Even from a young age I always felt like an outsider. I used to get easily stressed at work and it was difficult to interact with people as I always felt self-conscious. People may have thought I was a happy person however I was very lonely and often cried myself to sleep. As I learned to let go of my mind my loneliness decreased and I found joy. My relationships with people improved and I can accept other people. I have become a lot closer with people because I am more comfortable.

I have also lost a lot of weight by eliminating my habits. I lost 18kg. This was also helped by doing action meditation and eating self-balancing food.

I have learned that just living for myself brings no lasting happiness. We need to live a true life. We need to find our true selves. This meditation has the method to find our true selves. Gratitude, happiness and freedom all exist inside our mind.

The Universe is our origin and true parents. If we return to the Universe we can always live well. Let’s trust the Universe and return home. Let’s find it within.

Thank you so much to the teachers and founders of this beautiful meditation method.


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