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A New Beginning

Many people live thinking that only breaking The Ten Commandments or breaking the law is  sin for people. While those are also sins, sin is living in one's false mind world. This is because a person is ling in one's own mind world that overlaps the world. Once you throw away the false human mind, your mind can become the mind of the world, which is true, and you can be free from sin. When you erase the karma, which is your life lived, habits, and body from your mind, you will realize that Truth is within you and the land of Truth is within you.


Let’s restart with a pure mind! Older and wiser adults have much life experiences to know that stress and pain are not worth holding on to. As a result, they understand the meditation principle of “Letting Go” well and are quickly able to feel the benefits from this practice.

This is a life changing meditation that can bring lasting joy and happiness to anyone from age 6 to over 100. With our meditation method we reflect on our lives and let go of all the clutter we have been carrying. It is an opportunity to restart and walk forward with a pure and a grateful mind and heart.

This program is for older adults, but all ages are welcome. This is a particularly joyful gathering where you can’t help but feel the love and gratitude.

Learn and practice the principles of the meditation to cleanse the mind and see results quickly. Join us to share stories, laughs, love, and of course meditation.

Golirea minții -Video
Meditație Romania

New Friends

Connect with like-hearted people on the path of self-discovery.

Meditație Ghidată; Meditație Roamnia

New Wisdom

You will know the ways of the world and the meaning of life and your purpose.

Meditație Ghidată; Meditație Romania

New Start

Let go of the past and restart with a clean and new mind.

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