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Letting go of thoughts, and making room for life

You may have seen the reports from brain scan research sponsored by the National Science Foundation: They discovered that the average person has over 60,000 thoughts a day, of which 80% were negative, and a staggering 95% of those thoughts were repetitive from the day before. This seems hard to believe at first, but if you take time to look at the nature of your own thoughts, you may find that they are probably not too different from what those researchers found.

The Vicious Cycle

Let’s think about this for a moment: if the majority of our thoughts are negative and repetitive, how much of our mental capacity is being squandered? Day-by-day, year-by-year, negativity and repetition accumulates in our minds, becoming the pattern of our life. If left unchecked, will be impossible to have a joyful life. In an attempt to escape these thoughts, many turn to entertainment, vacations, food, shopping, alcohol, drugs and so forth. These diversions offer temporary relief, but do not constructively break the thought patterns in any lasting way – and in fact perpetuate the cycle of negative, self-defeating thinking.

Where Thoughts Come From

To change your thoughts, you must first know where those thoughts are coming from. Only then is it possible to change your thoughts. The place from which the thoughts come from is your mind - your mind that is the habits you was born with and the life lived until now, which is your karma. Your mind is the result of the stored memories from the life lived. This is where each individual's thoughts that are their own fixed conceptions and customs stem from.


If you throw this mind away, your thoughts will disappear. Only when you eliminate the root of your thoughts, will your thoughts change.

Obsesive Thoughts - Meditation Romania

How to Break Free

It’s a well known medical observation that people react differently to stress if they had stressful experiences in the past. Thankfully, there is an answer to this problem. The meditation method that we practice allows us to let go of those pictures stored in the mind. You can break the grip that those pictures have on your thoughts, emotions, and perception of the world. Through the seven levels of meditation you are able to free your mind to experience the world as it truly is, always in the present. Our minds are freed from the preconceptions, prejudices, attachments and habits that confined us.

Enjoying the World As It Is

You will find the world amazingly beautiful. You will be free from all repetitive and negative thoughts and you will create new and unique thoughts for every moment and every day. You will wake up in the morning, seeing each day as a new adventure. Even your physical energy increases because your mind is no longer blocked and energy can flow into your body.

If you are ready to try this meditation, start now. You will be led by our kind and supportive meditation guides, you’ll spend a few minutes learning about our unique practice and then experience, firsthand, the freedom and bliss that comes from letting go of your thoughts.


You have nothing to lose except your unwanted thoughts and stress. See you soon!

Obsesive Thoughts - Meditation Romania
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