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Meditation Effect

Clear Mind

If you empty your mind as if you are taking things out, your life will be lighter and more enjoyable.

These days, when people aim for a minimalist life,
sometimes they feel refreshed by getting rid of things.
How light and peaceful would be if you emptied your mind of things you no longer needed? 

Clear Mind - Meditation Romania

Worries, thoughts, stress...
How long have you been piling up?

Everyone has good memories, bad memories and tens of thousands of thoughts from their lived life.
They become a photographic film like a tape in a movie and float around in my head.
Also, there are so many emotions in those memories that my heart and mind are heavy and burdened.

If you throw away all the accumulated minds, you will become lighter and full of energy

Clear Mind - Meditation Romania

Just like cleaning every corner of the house and throwing away unnecessary things,
organize and empty the useless thoughts inside of you.
If you empty your mind in the same way that you throw away things,

your mind will be freed and you will become free and happy.

Clear Mind - Meditation Romania

Worries, desires, stress and anxieties, all the thoughts that come to mind.

Worries from the past, worries about things that haven't happened yet

Greedy, competitive, comparing, wanting to be recognized

Worries about what others think, etc.

Throw away all the minds you've built up inside yourself.

Empty these minds

  • Worries, stress and anxiety are gone

  • Less time wasted worrying

  • Without worrying, you can focus only on the things you need to

  • I have confidence in everything I do

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