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True Self - Meditation

Enlighten to Truth

Discover Your True Self

Discover Your True Self

By Finding Truth Within

Have you ever wondered "Who am I?" Have you ever tried to find the answer, have you ever felt lost and confused during this journey to discover the answer?

What is the True Self

People think that they are born and live in this world, but they are incomplete because they live in their mind's world, which is a copy of the world. The human mind, which is false, is karma, habits and the body.


In order for people to become true, they must eliminate their karma, habits and body, make this Universe which is Truth become their mind and be reborn by the masters of Truth.


The world and people must be reborn again from the Mind of the Universe that is Truth and become Truth to enable them to become their True Self.


The world that is reborn as Truth after falseness dies completely is Heaven and Paradise, which is the Land of Completion. This is a living world where eternally there is no death; it is great liberation and freedom.


Here, you are the divine existence which has no worries, concerns or stress

and you are the child of God, Buddha, Allah, which is the existence of complete Truth.
When you are reborn as Truth in the world where only Truth exists, you are Truth.

What is the false self

False Self

  • Has no love, great mercy or compassion.

  • Is always busy, but has no real results.

  • Pretends to be good, but his mind is not.

  • Is not righteous.

  • Lives in the world of his own mind, which he created. Knows, does and lives according to what he has in his mind.

  • Struggles because he always lacks and therefore he seeks more.

  • Has tens of thousands of different kinds of thoughts.

  • Is full of negative minds.

  • Is dead.

  • Doesn't know the Truth.

  • Has discernments about what is right and wrong.

  • Has tens of thousands of kinds of minds, such as jealousy, envy, hatred, anger, etc.

  • Is self-centered.

  • Lives a confined and limited life.

  • Has no freedom.

  • Cannot rest.

  • Lives in his own hell world.

  • Goes to his false world after his body dies, a false world that does not exist.

  • Has no wisdom.

  • The false self does not know that he is false -a ghost

  • Lives with suffering, stress, burden, curiosities, unresolved questions and doubts.

What is the True Self

Sinele Adevărat

  • Is love, great mercy and compassion itself.

  • Only realness remains.

  • All his deeds are good, true deeds.

  • It is righteous.

  • Is freedom and liberation; does not lack anything; has everything in his mind, for he is Truth itself.

  • Is always content and fulfilled.

  • Has no false, delusional thoughts because Truth knows all.

  • Is positive-minded.

  • Is alive.

  • Knows Truth.

  • Has no discernments.

  • Does not have tens of thousands of kinds of different minds: no jealousy, envy, hatred, anger, etc.

  • Is not self-centered.

  • Lives a life without confinement.

  • Is freedom and liberation.

  • Always rests.

  • Lives in heaven.

  • Exists forever as it is, whether the body is alive or dead.

  • Has wisdom.

  • The true person knows both the ghost and the true person.

  • Has no suffering, stress, burden, curiosities, unresolved questions or doubts.

What Is the True Purpose of Life?

The reason and purpose for which people are born into this world is to eliminate the false self, become Truth, and live eternally in the Land of Truth; this is the most valuable way of living. Life would have no meaning or purpose if we just end up dying at some point.

A person who lives in the false mind world lives with curiosities, unresolved questions, doubts, suffering and burden because he knows nothing. However, if you throw away that falseness, you will come to know all the ways of the world and you will no longer have curiosities, unresolved questions, doubts, suffering or burden; you will be born in the Land of Truth and live eternally. You will come to realize as much as you have eliminated the falseness and gone to Truth.

Enlightenment is the realization that takes place to the extent that the mind has been cleansed. The true purpose of life is to realize all, be born in the Immortal Land and live there.


People say that we have to discover ourselves,
but what is the true self-discovery?
It is nothing other than discovering who you truly are.

Now, through our meditation method, you can know and become Truth, whereas before you could only read and hear about Truth.

You will know the answers to life's basic questions: Who am I? Where do I come from? Where do I go when I die? Why do I live? What happens to me when I die?

You will discover all the answers to these questions as true wisdom enters your mind by cleansing the false mind.

Meditation Method
How to Find Your True Self
The way to your True Self

The true self is the self that has been born as Truth. 
Because people live inside their sins and karma, they do not have their true self.

When your self, which is false, disappears completely,
become the Spirit and Soul of the True World and are born again, you have found the True Self.

One who has realized his True Self has God, which is Truth, and Heaven in his mind. For this, you must be born again through the words of the masters of the world.

Then, you will find your True Self.

To eliminate the false self and become your True Self meditation is needed

Live as your True Self

The True Self dies when

you live only for yourself and your body;

you die because you don't have the True Self.

Therefore, be your real True Self

and live as your real True Self.

The True Self is a real non-material existence,

which exists, but does not exist; which does not exist, but exists.

It is Great Nature itself,

and it is Truth, which exists as it is.

This existence - your True Self

has no judgment or discernment.

Descover Your True Self

When you throw away the false mind, Truth - which is the origin, becomes your mind.And when this world and yourself are born again, you become your True Self. Then you will be able to know the exact answer to the question 'Who am I?'

Are you ready to take your meditation to the next level?

We'll show you where all the blockages come from. What is the false mind and what the True Mind is. How to remove all the fundamental roots of what is blocking you, to find the Truth within you.


This meditation method allows you to find the Truth within by unshackling your mind. We will explain the principles and process of this meditation. Then we will guide you step by step and be there to help you. We will help you actually get there.

When we meditate, stress and anxiety disappear, relationships improve. You will feel joyful and vibrant. Your face brightens as your body becomes healthier. There is no better time to start this journey to discovering your True Self.

Cine sunt eu?
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