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Yoga at Home

Meditation Effect

If you empty your mind
you can find your true self

Are you okay? Are you happy with yourself?
Thirst and doubt about the meaning of life, lack of desire to have a better life for self-realization
Not knowing the meaning of life

Not knowing the answer to the questions

Who am I? Where do I come from and why am I here? What is life and what is death?
It's time to throw away the questions and find the answer from within 

Introspecție - Meditatie Romania
The answer is within

No one can answer your questions and concerns about yourself.
Empty your complicated mind and the old false minds.
When your mind is purified and you return to the infinite original Mind, wisdom emerges.
If you find the answer from within, you will find a life full of unshakable confidence and vitality.

Wix At.jpeg
Introspecție - Meditatie Romania

A look at my lived life
the unknown emptiness
Dependence on others and fundamental loneliness
Every thought that pops into my head
I throw away all the minds I've accumulated

  • You will have confidence in yourself and everything you do

  • You will lead a self-directed life without depending on others

  • You will discover the cause of loneliness and emptiness

  • You will no longer waste time in vain

  • You will have a mind that is not shaken by conditions and environment

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