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Become Complete
The most necessary study for my future is
subtraction meditation

It is said
that the desire for self-development is higher than ever as people feel that life is unstable now and the future is more uncertain due to the events that are happening now in the world.
However, I am constantly learning and improving my abilities, but still i am not satisfied.
If you empty your mind a little, you can find out why it doesn't fill even though you are always trying to fill it.

Meditation Romania
If it doesn't work no matter what you do, you need to find your true self
Meditation Romania

There is no filling that is more certain than looking back on yourself and emptying your mind.
If you look back on your life, you will come to know yourself and discard all of your minds.
You will find your hidden true self and become infinitely wide and clear in your original mind and live a full life.

Meditation Romania

Worries, desires, stress, all the thoughts that come to mind.

Worries about the past, worries about things that haven't happened yet

Greedy, competitive, comparing, wanting to be recognized

Worries about what others think, etc.

Throw away all the worries you have built up inside you.

Empty these minds
  • Worries, stress and anxiety are gone

  • Less time wasted worrying

  • Without worrying you can focus only on the things you need to.

  • I have confidence in everything I do.

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